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Income Tax and Leave Calculations in South Africa – Employer of Record in Africa

Hiring workers in South Africa will indicate that your company will have to learn the appropriate income tax calculations, both for compliance reasons and also to ensure that your employees


How To Build Rapport with Online Clients?

Due to us now being in the heart of the digital age, many businesses are setting up to be completely online without any customer interaction except through the internet, e-mails


Explaining common scams: Vishing, phishing, and smishing

Businesses are expected to keep consumer data and sensitive information safe and protected. While there is no denying that compliance is an aspect that needs attention, especially with the privacy


The Right Tax returns That Every professional needs to be Aware of

The tax returns to be produced to declare non-commercial profits depend on the professional’s tax regime. A distinction must be made between the professional tax declaration and the personal tax


5 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Employment Agency

The importance of the workforce cannot be undermined, irrespective of the industry you take into consideration. The success of a company is heavily dependent on the type of workforce they


Why Choose Experts for Company formation in the UK?

There is no doubt that in the current times building your own business offers great opportunities and it can be very lucrative as well. Given the latest technological developments, one


Discover The Best Possible Free VPN Service

Since the digital age transformed the way how we store, share, and distribute the information, the emergence of VPN services confuses the already existing industries. The current marketplace is flooded