An overview of EB-1 Visa: Things worth knowing! 

An overview of EB-1 Visa: Things worth knowing! 

There are several categories of employment-based immigrant visas in the US. An EB-1 visa is available to aliens, who have extraordinary abilities, or have international or national acclaim. The EB-1 visa is often desirable because the wait time is shorter, and there is no need to adhere to the PERM process. For other employment visas, employers need to complete the PERM process, where they must convince the Department of Labor that U.S. workers couldn’t be found for the same position. Filing for an EB-1 Visa can feel confusing, which is precisely why you may want legal advice. In this post, we are sharing more on this visa and why you must look for an EB-1 Visa lawyer near me

Who can qualify for EB-1 visa? 

Individuals with extraordinary abilities in certain fields, such as science, arts, business, education and athletics can apply for EB-1 visa. However, an individual must provide evidence of their acclaim. Professors and researchers with an outstanding record and job offer from an employer in the US can also apply for EB-1 visa. In select circumstances, multinational executives and managers can also qualify for this visa. 

Do you need an attorney?

Immigration laws and visas are complicated, especially for people with limited experience. Do you qualify for any of the categories we just mentioned? For that, an immigration attorney can be resource. There is no law that requires you to hire an attorney to apply for EB-1 visa, but this could be the most relevant step for your filing. An EB-1 visa lawyer can help you understand the formalities and filing work involved, and they can guide through the process, so that mistakes can be avoided. Hiring an attorney for immigration issues doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Most EB-1 visa lawyers will offer free consultation for clients, which is a good window to know your circumstances better. 

Finding the right immigration attorney

So, how do you choose the right immigration attorney? Your best bet is to check online for references. Websites like Avvo are really handy in this context. If you can ask around and get references of immigration attorneys in your city, that’s always handy too. Make sure that you ask the attorney about all aspects that may concern your immigration case. In case you do not qualify for the EB-1 visa, the lawyer can explain all other options that can be considered. 

Prep for your EB-1 visa filing by meeting an attorney today!

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