How to personalise a pen that’s right for your brand?

How to personalise a pen that’s right for your brand?

Pens are available in a range of styles, based on the brand and specific range of ink. Pens have a distinctive nib made from different materials, such as steel and solid gold. You can pick the right nib to suit particular handwriting or customised or an alternative nib for your gift. The options for corporate pens are endless, but at times it gets tougher to choose perfect pen.  Deciding between metal or plastic, and generic or brand name, and super glide or roller ball and color options may seem harder. Whether you simply add a name, initials or a personal memo, engraving pen gives a personalised touch that they can be treasured. To ease your personalised pen-shopping anxiety, here’s a guide to choose the pen for your brand. 

Choose a pen that represents your brand 

It’s essential to consider the mission, vision of your brand and nature of the business. Your pen should be reflective of your brand. For instance, a hospital franchise might prefer a conventional or practice purpose pens like the executive, where as design firm may choose contemporary looking, and uniquely shaped pen. It should be used as the combination of means of communication and writing instrument that talks about your brand values effectively. 

Identify the shape 

Choose a product that entrust your brand’s image with superb writing. Refills may not be a luxury piece, but it should emphasise your business’s offering. Create a pen that’s reliable, extremely flexible, and sophisticated for personalisation. Depending solely on personal taste is also not good. Identify your brand’s identity, key values to choose a design that talk about your product or service’s credibility. 

Use logo 

Is your logo horizontal or vertical or round? Pens have varying imprint specs and you need to find the best one as per the color and shape of your logo to be a successful promotional item.  How do you want logo to be used on the pen – getting it engraved or just printing the logo? Choose a product that comes with intrinsic features like longevity, reliability, design, and functionality.  

Choose color wisely  

It isn’t compulsory to opt for the same shade as the logo; you can select a neutral color that highlights your brand.  Color contrasts like heavy-light, dark-light, hot-cold can be used as well to attract the attention of customers and competitors alike.

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