5 Emojis Representing The LGBT Community 

5 Emojis Representing The LGBT Community 

Emojis have been developed as a sign or representation. Some emojis represent a lot of things, expressions, and meanings. Many have accepted the LGBT community, and some created symbols and emojis to represent their sexuality. Some emojis mentioned are newly added, and some were already made before.

These emojis serve as they stand with the LGBT community. A lot of people petitioned to have added pride flags for inclusivity. In this article, you will know five of the LGBT emojis commonly used today, ones you can especially use for pride month! 

The Rainbow Emoji

The rainbow emoji can be seen full of colors in an arc, but there’s more to the rainbow’s colors. This rainbow emoji can depict a person or feeling of happiness, positive vibes, emotions, feelings of hope, and togetherness. To this day, it is still used by people that have full of hope, optimism, and positivity.

This rainbow emoji also means that a person is childish or playful in many ways. The emoji is used whenever people also have pictures of an actual rainbow and inputs this emoji as their caption. But a rainbow emojis meaning does not just end there. This emoji can represent more than what you thought it could. This emoji can represent a community of LGBT people.

Whenever pride month is coming, many rainbows and rainbow flags are posted on social media platforms, making them feel supported and loved. People use this together with the colorful rainbow pride flag emoji, showing full support to the movement.

The Colorful Rainbow Flag Emoji

This rainbow flag is consisting of six bright colors that you see on a rainbow. The colors of the flag include orange, yellow, red, green, blue, and purple. This Colorful Rainbow Flage is mostly used by people supporting the LGBT movement. 

Whenever pride months or events are held, they make giant rainbow flags to imply pride flags. On social media, this has frequently used by people of the movement or supports the movement. This rainbow flag is a gay community pride flag. This rainbow flag or pride flag emojis true meaning is to support and identify who is part of the LGBT community.

The rainbow flag is known as the proud symbol of LGBT. This flag emoji is known to be their pride flag. However, as the years go by, a lot of newly created flags have been designed and created representing a variety of identities of sexuality. The flags are now designed to represent, bisexual, lesbian, transgender people, aromatic, agender flags, and many more. Isn’t it amazing how diverse self-expression is? 

The Woman To Woman Kiss Emoji 

This emoji is an illustration of two women kissing with lips puckered up and having a heart in between the kisses. This emoji of two women kissing implies or depicts as love, or romantically embrace the relationship of two women. This emoji is often used by lesbians or is mostly used by platonic girlfriends.

The Transgender Sign Or The Unicode Symbol Emoji

These transgender sign emoji represent a person who has changed parts of their bodies. Many transgender people would dress on their most comfortable clothes, even if it is opposite to the gender in which they were born. Well, assigning gender to clothes is a social construct anyway, right? 

This emoji can be used for expressing their major switch in life, including their gender. Sending this emoji can directly imply that you are proud to be a transgender person. This emoji can help other people go out of their closets, hiding their sexuality by sending or posting these emojis.

This transgender sign or also known as the Unicode symbol, has all-gender symbols in one character. This Transgender flag represents or is related to gender or the sexuality of a person. Many emojis are designed for expressing gender. 

The Man to Man Kissing Emoji

The same as with the emoji of two women kissing, the man to man kissing emoji implies a relationship between two males, It has a design that illustrates two men with kissing lips and a heart in between. This specific emoji represents endless love and support between two males. This emoji is used by boyfriends or men having a same-sex relationship. 

Express your sexuality with emojis! 

Emojis are popping out, especially with new designs to represent something significant. The LGBTQ advocates were longing to have an emoji representing pride, hope, genders such as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender. These emojis were created for LGBT additional representation of what they are proud of who they are.

On social media platforms, many people are using these emojis to show support to the LGBTQ, especially in June. When events and celebrations of pride month are held, colorful rainbows and symbols are printed out, and the flags are raised to show people that they are proud of their sexuality.  

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