Boost Your Income By Becoming a Freelance Writer

Boost Your Income By Becoming a Freelance Writer

Thanks to the internet earning a few quick bucks on the side have become easier than ever. It seems like everyone has jumped at the opportunity to make money online. The hours are flexible, the pay is scalable, and doing the job is a breeze. Though there are tons of ways to make money online, a popular side gig for creatives is freelance writing.

In a day and age where the world relies on digital platforms, content is king and creative, talented individuals are high in demand to draft compelling pieces. From writing web content and promotional pieces to writing for blogs and consumer reviews, if you have a gift of writing there is a lot of money to be made. 

All you have to do is set yourself up for success. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer in your spare time, here are some suggestions for getting started. 

Decide What You Want to Write About

Though you could write about anything it is often best when getting started as a freelancer to focus on writing in subject areas you’re most skilled, knowledged, or interested in. Decide what kinds of things you want to write about. You could write on subjects based on your education, career experience, or personal lifestyle. For instance, maybe you went to school for marketing, or you work full-time as an accountant, or you’re really focused on healthy living at home. These are all very popular subjects with tons of things to write about. 

Build a Web Presence

You can’t want to work online but have no digital fingerprint. Clients and readers are going to want to know who you are. So, before looking for ways to earn money as a freelance writer, start building a web presence. Start with a website or online portfolio. You can visit sites like to get a loan for your side hustle as creating a website will require some upfront costs. Then, create social media profiles and begin connecting and linking with individuals who are professionally or personally tied to niches you’re interested in writing for. You can start creating your own content so readers get an idea of who you are. You should also actively communicate through social media. Post funny memes, provide meaningful comments and really focus on building a rapport with your audience.

Start Looking for Work

You know what topics you want to write about and you have started building a web presence to connect with your target clients and audience. Now, it’s time to start looking for work. Fortunately, there are a lot of job search databases for freelance writers. Sites like Elance, for instance, allows you to create a portfolio, review available writing jobs, and place a bid for hire. These are great sites for learning the world of freelancing. You can also search databases of available freelancing opportunities and apply as you would with a traditional job. Last, but not least, there’s also scouring the internet for opportunities. You can write editors at blogs and magazines, reach out to startup companies, and check for writing positions through online classifieds. This last approach is often advised for those who have had some experience writing as a freelancer as it can be harder to attract new clients this way as a beginner. 

Invest in You and the Business

To start making real money as a freelance writer, you have to continue to invest in yourself and the business. Take writing or marketing courses to enhance your skills. Invest in new tools, software, and applications to streamline processes. The more you invest in yourself and your writing abilities the further you can expand your horizons. 

There are hundreds of ways to make money online, however, not all prove as lucrative. If you’re looking for a side hustle that’s flexible with a decent payout, consider becoming a freelance writer. If you have the skills to write compelling pieces and the educational, professional, or personal experience to draw from, you could turn it into a decent earnings opportunity. Simply use the tips provided above to get started.   

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