Getting The Best Out Of Your Day: Pomodoro Timer

Getting The Best Out Of Your Day: Pomodoro Timer

I bet that a lot of us productivity geeks have heard about the Pomodoro timer before. The Pomodoro method is a technique wherein you focus on a specific task for a specified period. There will be zero distractions during that particular timeline. If you are looking to boost your daily productivity, then the Tomato Timer is perfect for you!

Pomodoro timers can help increase your daily productivity because it organizes your tasks. The Pomodoro method allows you to work on a specific task with intense focus for a particular time. We all know that focus is hard to come by or achieve these days. The Pomodoro timer is the perfect tool to help you lock-in on your productivity goals!

Focus Blocks

Almost everyone knows that focus blocks and Pomodoro timers work hand in hand. You will be able to increase productivity by making a list of your tasks for the day. The Pomodoro timer then comes in by setting a specified period for that specific task. You will find the things you need to do from detail into specific tweaks in these focus blocks.

The most important thing to do during these focus blocks is to get rid of any distractions. You should be able to free your workplace from items that are not related to the task you will be doing. After all, it is not called a focus block for anything. Focus block means that you will be zeroing in on the task at hand and that task alone.

You should honor your focus blocks by turning off your notifications. Your focus block should also be short enough to keep you sane. Avoid going on long focus blocks without breaks. You cannot digest everything in one sitting. Think of your focus blocks as your focus meter while you are productive!

Take Breaks

You will need to take a couple of breaks between your focus blocks. Going on stretches of focus that are impossible to sustain does nothing for your productivity. In fact, it might even affect your productivity negatively. Make sure to take breaks so that you can recalibrate your mind. Going on intense focus for hours can cause fatigue and might damage your progress.

Now, I am not saying you should take a break at a specific time. Sometimes, we will never know when our creative juices will come out. Of course, taking a break at this crucial stage would not be suitable for your productivity. What I am saying is that you will feel the urge and fatigue at some point. These feelings are an excellent signal to take a break.

You can take a break after a Pomodoro timer focus block. This method would be a great way to stay organized and faithful to your schedule. I would suggest this to people who are struggling with being able to focus for a specific time. Try out a 25-minute focus block on your Pomo-timer and take a break after! This technique is a great way to jumpstart your productivity progress.

Set Realistic Goals And Timelines

The human mind is a strange thing. Imagine this situation. You are tired, and it seems you have a little left in the tank. You tell yourself to go a few steps more. The body then responds by being successful in taking a few steps more. If it were a “few miles more,” your body would have never been able to make a single step more.

When you set impossible schedules and put a heavy workload on your back, your motivation gets compromised. Motivation is a crucial factor in productivity. I have never seen someone unmotivated over something so achievable. Set realistic goals and timelines so that you will not feel overwhelmed with the tasks that you have for the day.

The Pomodoro timer can work wonders in this part. You can set a realistic 25-minute focus block when you are working on a specific task. This 25-minute stretch can be helpful for beginners who are just starting to get their focus right. 

I remember when I was starting, and I set a four-hour focus block. Needless to say, That four-hour stretch was too much for me. It only brought out feelings of anxiety, and I did not even get a single task done. 

Reward Yourself

Rewards can be the perfect way to end your Pomodoro session. What better way of motivating yourself to go through a Pomo-sesh than a bonus? Make sure that you will not be thinking about the reward while you are in the middle of a focus block. That would only mean that the prize is a distraction.

A good nap or a delicious glass of iced coffee can be a great reward. Make sure that the reward will not get you off course. After the prize, it is time to prepare yourself for another Pomodoro session!

Final Thoughts

The Pomodoro timer can be a great tool in increasing your daily productivity. The method can be a great compliment to your to-do lists. What better way of getting rid of all that clutter on your task dashboard than the Pomodoro method? Knock those daily tasks one by one and become the productivity master that you have always been!


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