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Saturation in photography is something that shows strong colors in photos. Saturation does not necessarily need to be added only when editing your photo. But if you want more saturation, when taking your photo, some points should be considered, such as the colors of the object and also the light that will be used at the time.

Schedules in the morning and late afternoon are ideas for you to highlight the colors of your photos and make them more saturated.

Another way to make your colors and photos more saturated is to use some tools that are available in editing programs for computers and applications for mobile phones. These tools are easily found in mobile photo editing apps like Photolemur, Lightroom Mobile, VSCO, etc. Visit

Tools To Adjust Saturation

  1. HSL

The tool gives you complete control over individual areas of your image. It allows you to place more emphasis on certain colors. Thereby, increasing saturation in those areas, such as in the blue sky or yellow of a car.

  1. Contrast

Contrast does not directly increase color, but it can help to emphasize and intensify brightness, mid-tones and shadows. It can help to put a little more emphasis on the areas around the more saturated colors.

The Saturation And Vibration Difference

Two very interesting functions make people confused when it comes to imaging. They are Saturation and Vibration. At first, they seem to be very similar, but if we look more closely, we will see a big difference between them.

Vibration works partially in the colors of your photos. In the case of people’s face or skin, vibration will not change much, leaving your photo more natural, different from saturation. Check out

However, saturation works directly on all colors of the photo, or you add or desaturate. When you add it to your photo, it will have much stronger colors. If you take it out, it will have weaker colors.

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