The Pros and Cons of Applying for a Short Term Small Business Loan

The Pros and Cons of Applying for a Short Term Small Business Loan

Start-up costs for a new business can be high and even a little bit overwhelming. From purchasing equipment to having a website built, it can feel like you’re constantly spending money that you don’t have. That’s where researching different places to get short term business loans on sites like Blue Snap can come in handy. 

However, you do need to be careful when it comes to getting any type of loan, as you do have to pay it back. Below, you can find a few of the pros and cons of applying for short term business loans to help you make up your mind if it’s the right choice for you. 

Pro: You Should Receive Your Loan Pretty Fast 

The biggest and most obvious benefit of a short-term business loan is that you get your money pretty quickly after applying. Not only that, the application for a short-term loan is usually much less lengthy than for a traditional business loan, making it easier to complete as well. This advantage can be extremely useful if you have business expenses that are due right away. 

Con: Many of These Loans have High-Interest Rates

The biggest disadvantage of a short term business loan is that they usually come with a higher interest rate than traditional options. The approval process for these loans is much more lenient, so you can end up paying a bit more back. 

The best way to avoid the higher interest rates is by repaying the loan as quickly as you possibly can, after making sure the institution you secure the loan through has no penalty for paying off early. 

Pro: The Application Process Is Pretty Simple

As previously mentioned, the application process for a short term business loan is pretty simple and painless. They require little paperwork and most times can be filled out and submitted online for fast results. 

Con: Payments Need to be Made Frequently

Another drawback of short term loans is that payments need to be made more frequently than with traditional loans. Some sites even require weekly or daily payments. If your business doesn’t have a steady string of income, you’ll want to make other arrangements to pay the loan or go with another option instead. For example, maybe looking a side job that the money is used to pay off your business loan will help you to meet the payments and pay it off quickly as well. 

Pro: These Loans Are Easy to Qualify For

When you compare them to other methods of getting a business loan, these loans have a much higher approval rate. The reason being, that even if you have slow or bad credit, you can usually get approved. In other words, the guidelines aren’t nearly as strict as a local bank or a traditional finance company would be. 

These are just a few of the pros and cons you should consider when deciding whether to apply for a short term business loan. Do your research, take your time, and make the best choice for you and your business.


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