Timeshare Ownership And The Trap Of Perpetuity

Timeshare Ownership And The Trap Of Perpetuity

How do you get caught in the timeshare trap?

Paint this picture. You are a newly-wed and you go on a honeymoon vacation with the love of your life.  You rent a unit at a beautiful resort in Hawaii. And yes, it’s truly the most beautiful place you’ve seen. The serenity, the amazing view, waterfalls, and the best food you’ve ever eaten. Then a few days into your vacation, a sales representative approaches you with an offer: hang out with her for an hour and get a voucher for a meal worth $180 (As a matter of fact, that’s all it takes, a presentation!). And you think, what a deal! So you go for it. A few months down the line, you feel helpless and trapped and you’re thinking: How do I cancel my timeshare


A timeshare agreement is a contract in perpetuity. This means forever. Forever is a beautiful picture when you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life with the one you love but it’s quite another when it comes to contracts. Signing a timeshare agreement is your promise to pay maintenance fees forever — even if you don’t get to use your timeshare. 

Every year, more people are lured into the timeshare trap. Most times, they end up purchasing timeshares they don’t need, can’t afford, or can’t use. In some cases, they probably even stayed within their budget and desperately want to live that timeshare life but are unable to book time with their points. 

You may feel like you won’t use your timeshare, but, hello, times change. Don’t they?  Circumstances always change. You or your spouse could lose a job? You could get a severe illness or injury that could prevent you from using your timeshare. Anything can happen, and that’s just the way life is. And although you’ve promised to fulfill your end of the bargain forever, your resort really hasn’t. You can also be sure they won’t care if your circumstances change.

The Perpetuity Clause 

Usually, timeshare agreements contain a “perpetuity clause,” stating that the timeshare is only valid for the lifespan of the original owner. And whenever the owner kicks the bucket, the timeshare becomes part of the estate. The inheritors of the timeshare become the new owners, and they have the right to take over the timeshare fees.

Now what to do if you’re caught in the timeshare trap? Consider reaching out to a timeshare cancellation partner to help you get out of your timeshare contract safely, officially, and forever. You don’t have to be stuck in this trap forever. And contacting the right professionals is the right and first step to ensuring that you don’t.

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