Top 5 Social Media Sites to Help Boost E-commerce Sales

Top 5 Social Media Sites to Help Boost E-commerce Sales

The e-commerce industry is undoubtedly at its peak nowadays, with more and more people going online every time they want to buy something. Consumers prefer to make a purchase online because it’s more convenient. They have a wide range of options for products and services. 

Another proof that the e-commerce industry is booming is the rising number of major retailers launching their online stores. However, this also means that they have to stand out in a highly competitive industry. They have to find ways to boost their sales, and social media is one of the keys to achieve it. 

Thanks to Social Media, written ads have now become more “fun” and interactive. You can easily post an ad about your product then simply add the ok emoji within your post to imply that your product is solid, okay and very good. This has been proven to be more effective especially to the modern generation compared to hard written advertisement pieces.

In this blog article, you’ll learn the best social media platforms that you can use to increase your e-commerce sales. So, keep on reading! 


The first social media platform on our list is Snapchat. Using this platform is an excellent way to let people know about your e-commerce store. You can even show behind the scenes content of your e-commerce business on Snapchat. This way, your followers can have a good grasp of your brand’s personality. 

Snapchat has an estimated 229 million daily active users globally, and the majority of them are below the age of 25. As you may well know, most consumers online are in this age group, so it can be beneficial to use Snapchat to market your e-commerce business to these people. 

Before you include Snapchat in your social media marketing campaign, make sure to tell your target audience in your other social media pages about your move. Once you’ve done that, you can now promote your business and products. 


Perhaps you’ve known LinkedIn as the medium to look for employment. Yes, sure it is, but it can also be a great platform to make your e-commerce store known to your target audience and attract potential business partners. 

LinkedIn has a useful feature that allows you to filter your target audience by location, age, and industry. This social media platform is a great way to promote your new products/services, connect with potential customers, and publish blog articles related to your business. 

What’s the best approach to have a great connection with your target audience and increase sales? Well, you just have to make your content more conversational and less boring. And, of course, it helps that you genuinely show the personality of your business. 


All social media channels have a feature that enables you to share photos, but Instagram is more centered on it. Right now, this social media platform has over 500 million daily active users. If you have an e-commerce store, Instagram is an ideal medium to promote your products to potential customers. 

Aside from showing off your products, you can also use Instagram to let your followers know about your business. In this way, you can increase brand awareness and ramp up sales. 


Facebook is arguably the biggest name in the world of social media. The social media giant has an estimated 1.73 billion daily active users worldwide. With that massive number of users, surely you can find plenty of potential customers there. That’s why it’s logical to use it as a platform to promote your e-commerce business. 

The first step you should do is to create a Facebook business page dedicated to your online e-commerce store. On your page, make sure to share photos and videos, post important announcements like discounted sales, link blog articles to your website, socialize with your followers, and many more steps to increase brand awareness. 

Social media marketing experts suggest that having more visual content can increase your chances of attracting followers to read your posts. So, instead of posting text-only content, make sure to add pictures or infographics in your posts to make them more appealing to your audience. 

Moreover, you can use Facebook ads to reach your potential customers. Facebook ad is a targeted advertising campaign that filters audiences based on location, gender, age, interests, and consumer behavior. Of course, this feature requires you to invest money and effort to make it successful. 


Twitter now has more than 145 million daily active users, and nearly half of them admitted that they’d made a purchase of a product they first saw on the social media site. So, it’s safe to say that Twitter is an ideal platform to promote your e-commerce business and boost your sales. 

It’s a great place to share information about your products and link to your online store’s content. You can also start a conversation with your followers about your brand or ask questions to them. 

Indeed, Twitter is an excellent medium to connect with your audience, establish relationships, and build your online reputation. All of these positive things can lead to increasing your income revenue. 


Now you know the best social media platforms to promote your e-commerce business and ramp up your sales. Use them in your social media marketing strategy to make your online store successful, and it’s high time that you start the work now. 


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