Unique Advertising Through Content Creation

Unique Advertising Through Content Creation

Opportunities in advertising quickly change with time and change with the current popular media of the time too, and in the digital age the opportunities in advertising have never been broader with social media and a huge variety of different platforms for it to be done, perhaps the biggest opportunity recently had come through social media platforms as influencers had become a huge driving force for advertising through the likes of Instagram, TikTok, and similar. But there has been another opportunity in advertising sneaking up and being used more widely in certain platforms than others, but to great effect, as content creation has become a hallmark of advertising in the online space.

There are those who have utilised this unique advertising opportunity more than others, as those poised in the online entertainment space, and particularly within the growing world of esports have been able to find a huge benefit to doing so – the content has such a wide range of applications from team house tours, training facility tours, or even just simple pre-event vlogs – but they’ve all been highly effective at showing the lifestyle of a professional player under one of these teams and all of the exciting stuff they get up to on a daily basis, all whilst advertising the big sponsors behind the teams too and showing off all that they have to offer which has been a big part in driving the successes here. Some of them are more direct advertisements from what had been expected with the likes of hardware sponsors for example, but other sponsorships have become more common too with likes of betting companies for example as esports betting sites which have been growing in recent years and securing big sponsorships which have found success through content creation on the matter.

Another unique opportunity presented by it is showing off the personality of those behind the big brands – there has been trouble for some to show this personality side especially through certain platforms, but through content creation and video in particular there’s the possibility to show a different side of your business through this personality. This has also helped push forward with other aspects that have become essential such as merchandising where some have been able to build huge success by solely releasing a few videos per week using many of these successful approaches.

As these platforms become more widely used, content creation advertising will only grow as personalities become more valuable for the content with branding as a side thought, the big influencers and content creators will continue to benefit, and the big business will have to catch up to this new personality side of advertising.

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