What are the Different Types of Packaging Designs?

What are the Different Types of Packaging Designs?

There are different types of packaging designs such as minimalistic packaging, packaging designs that are inspired by the vintage aesthetic, pattern-based packaging, packaging designs that are inspired by local traditions and culture, the contemporary packaging designs, innovative packaging designs, abstract packaging designs, rustic packaging designs, and luxurious packaging designs. Contact Netpak custom boxes for best and attractive packaging that will boost your business.

The minimalist packaging design is derived from the US in the early 60s and also prominently used in Japan and Scandinavia. The minimalist packaging design favours bare forms. In minimalism, a cardboard box with a logo is used with an original design. The minimalistic packaging designs vary with plenty of designs as per the commodities such as beer and wine bottles, online shopping shipping boxes etc. You can find minimalist packaging everywhere in the market. The important thing about minimalist packaging design is they are less costly and affordable.

Vintage aesthetics refers to styles and items from the past. The vintage packaging designs are old-fashioned labels or handwritten texts with dark colour. The vintage packaging designs create immediate impressions of craftsmanship and tradition. Many of the contemporary brands are fond of using vintage aesthetics packaging designs. This packaging design is mostly used for food items, chocolates, coffee and tea, and alcoholic drinks. In addition to this, vintage packaging designs are also used for cosmetic products.

The pattern-based packaging designs are repeated images or shapes or other types of graphics which are printed on the packaging. You can also use the image of your product or services as a pattern. The pattern-based packaging is very popular and useful because it leaves plenty of spaces for the logo or label or stickers.

The packaging that is inspired by local traditions and cultures are rare, but they exist. There are many cultures across the world which are built with wonderful colours, remarkable customs and artworks. Often these customs and artworks are picked up as packaging designs. The contemporary packaging designs are the mix of other packaging designs such as minimalism and rustic boxes with a bit of vintage. Most people pick up contemporary design in order to give a modern look with labels and stickers and using modern printing techniques.

Similarly, the innovative packaging design involves unconventional shapes or materials and often used for an existing product with different feature. The luxurious packaging designs are like contemporary designs that mix two or three packaging designs. The luxurious packaging designs are often used for upscaling the product.

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