Why Documentation is Important for Both Employer and Employee

Why Documentation is Important for Both Employer and Employee

Every company is based on certain rules and regulations so that the smooth operations of the business can be implemented. These laws are offered to employers and employees to build a strong base, structure and relations based on protection. These regulations are formulated based on state and federal laws.  The employment laws contribute a lot to the economic growth of any country. These laws protect employees from being harassed and discriminated against at the workplace. Besides that, various laws are depicted to keep the business running smoothly. Some of the important documents of employment laws are explained below:

Employment agreement

The employment agreement provides protection and security to both employers and employees.  It includes a number of facts about benefits, wages, termination letters, non-disclosure agreements and intellectual property protection. All of these parameters are agreed upon to establish a cordial relationship between the employees and employers. This is because this document provides security and stability in a more structured manner.

Offer letter to an employee 

The relationship between employee and employer begins with an offer letter. It is the starting point of a negotiation. It may not hold a legal value but can be considered in various places where you need to show proof of employment. It should be on a company’s letterhead and signed by an authorized body. It also gives the details of designation, CTC, benefits and date of joining the company. 

Employee handbook

It is the best protection used by an employer. In this, all the procedures, policies, expectations, values, rights and responsibilities of an employee are explained in the most precise manner. It is updated on a regular basis as the business grows in terms of new policies, operations and acquaintances. This handbook is the first thing, which HR goes through if any employee tends to detriment the company. It explains the actions to be taken in such scenarios.

Termination letter

It is the explanation on papers why the employee has left the company. The employer should word the document in a careful manner about the date and reason to leave the company. Mostly, the termination letter includes the outstanding amount or perks-related details and the resolution of the conflicts.

Employment laws need to be implemented in every company so that the necessary actions can be taken as and when the need arises. A Virginia employment attorney is the best person to look after these matters properly.

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