Criminal Defense Lawyer: Seeking Legal Representation When Facing Sexual Assault Allegations

Criminal Defense Lawyer: Seeking Legal Representation When Facing Sexual Assault Allegations

If you are facing sexual assault charges, you must take them seriously. First, you must get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN. A sexual assault conviction may negatively affect your life for years, so it is important to have legal representation from the get-go. Your lawyer can represent you when you are being interrogated or when your case goes to trial. 

Understanding Sexual Assault

Sexual assault occurs when a person gets involved in an unwanted sexual encounter. It can come in many forms. Also, it includes situations where a person cannot give their consent because of being incapacitated. Keep in mind that in many instances, sexual assault victims are known to their offenders in some way. Sexual assault includes date rape, stranger rape, child sexual abuse, exhibitionism, fondling, forced sexual acts, sexual harassment, voyeurism, and attempted rape. 

A sexual assault accusation can have you being concerned about its effect on your life in the long term, particularly when it is not true. Your lawyer can help you understand the consequences of this charge and protect your rights throughout the legal process. 

How to Manage False Accusations

If you are facing a false sexual assault allegation, you may find the legal process terrifying. However, there are many ways this allegation can negatively affect your life. This makes it important to respond quickly and efficiently with a lawyer on your side. This way, you can confront the allegation head on, hoping to put it behind you. 

To handle the allegation efficiently, write down your account of the event and find witnesses who can attest to what occurred at the time of the alleged sexual assault. Also, avoid giving information to law enforcement that they can use against you. Ensure you hire a lawyer who has experience in your specific case. Your lawyer may recommend psychological evaluations or a polygraph and collect important evidence that can support your version of the event. 

A false sexual assault allegation can turn your life upside down. Without legal representation, you could be convicted of a crime you never committed. The consequences of a conviction could be serious and may include incarceration, being registered as a sex offender, difficulty getting a job in the future, and restrictions on where you can live. 

If you are facing a sexual assault allegation, call a lawyer as soon as possible. You should not try to tackle the charges you are facing if you don’t want to be punished for something you did not do. 

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