Reasons Why You Should Avoid a Personal Injury Trial

Reasons Why You Should Avoid a Personal Injury Trial

Although you might get injured by another person’s negligent act, you have the right to seek a claim as a fair settlement for all the losses incurred from an accident. Personal accidents cases like slip-and-fall accidents can result in severe injuries that can increase unwanted medical costs. Even if an injury is not severe, a person can file for compensation. 

Hence, if you are suffering from an injury caused by someone else, you can contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys who can help with lawful advice on how to win an insurance claim easily. 

Additionally, in most cases, an experienced attorney will ensure to get the best deal out of the insurance claim so that there would not be any necessity for a court trial. There are also a few circumstances that you may want to avoid in proceeding with a trial. 

Here are the reasons why you should avoid a personal injury trial:

  • Additional charges

Trials can be expensive, which means you may have to additionally pay for expert witnesses, legal fees, and court costs. There will be various charges that may arise when you start to attend court trials for insurance claims. Hence, you should not let the claim amount be wasted on court charges themselves. If you wish to, you can proceed, but an attorney would recommend not to.

  • Unpredictable jury

Although your attorney might build the best defense for the insurance claim, and you could have solid evidence and supporting witnesses, a jury can quickly turn down the chances of winning a claim. It is not only in the case of an insurance claim; a jury in any court trial is unpredictable and has the power and authority to transform the fate of a powerful case. 

  • Sealed settlement

Since a trial occurs in front of witnesses and the public, all the transcripts will be recorded, and the settlement will be sealed permanently. Hence, there would not be any negotiations afterward, but the details discussed will be maintained in private.

Proceeding with the fair settlement fought by your attorney is crucial since court trials may involve complications that might affect a potential settlement by the other person’s insurance company. It is crucial to have an attorney throughout the case because only an experienced lawyer knows how the law works and has prior knowledge of dealing with similar cases. 

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