Machine Room Less Elevators and All That You Should Know

Machine Room Less Elevators and All That You Should Know

Being the top runners of the elevator industry, we as the top elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad are offering a relatively new elevator product termed as Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevators. The application of this new technology in new construction or major renovation projects is quite significant as compared to the standard elevator equipment and will end up affecting the design of elevator hoist ways and equipment rooms.

So as MRL Manufacturers Ahmedabad, we are going to talk about the history, benefit and limitations of the product.

The History: The machine room-less elevator or the MRL elevator is actually a result of technological progress that has resulted in a significant reduction in the size of electric motors, formerly used with the traction equipment. These newly designed motors known as permanent magnet motors or PMM have resulted in MRL elevators manufactures in Ahmedabad to be able to locate the machines in the hoist way overhead, therefore actually eliminating the need for a machine room over the hoist way. The design has been utilised in the U.S. for many years now and was introduced by KONE. Product acceptance was actually quite slow initially since it was quite a departure from the standard elevator. Apart from that, there were also limited applications, inability to meet and conform by the U.S. Code of requirements, and also the number of manufacturers who were offering an equivalent product was quite limited.

Anticipating these issues, we tied up with one of the top manufacturers in China and became the top manufacturers of MRL elevators in Ahmedabad. In the meanwhile, in the past 3 years, the elevator manufacturers have also overcome several obstacles to the actual acceptance of the MRL product and the offering has expanses. A lot of elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad are looking to market their versions of the MRL and trying to explore their product offering, by also including a lot of the other popular elevator sizes as well as speeds. In addition to this, the local code officials have also started becoming more and more receptive to technology, which also means that we as the top MRL elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad are looking to install them in respecting jurisdictional areas at least to demonstrate on a case by case basis.

What are the Benefits of The MRL Elevator?


  • As MRL manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that the use of the MRL elevator is capable of saving quite a considerable amount of energy (estimated to be almost 70-80%) in comparison to the hydraulic elevators. The power feeders for the MRL have also been significantly reduced, due to a pre efficient designing process, and the counterbalance that has been provided with the traction equipment.
  • The MRL elevator is capable of elimination the cost as well as environmental concerns that are associated with a buried hydraulic cylinder which is filled with hydraulic oil. Over the years the hydraulic elevators came under the spotlight and scrutiny for all the wrong reasons – which is an environmental concern that has arisen due to the buried hydraulic cylinders. Since in the elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad the traction alleviator is actually above the ground with all its components, hence the environment concern does not arise with it.
  • The MRL elevators utilise a fearless traction type machine, which helps in superior performance for elevator manufactures in Ahmedabad, as compared to the hydraulic elevators. MRL elevator can also operate at much faster speeds, which of course, enhance the perception of quality for MRL elevator manufactures in Ahmedabad, over the conventional hydraulic elevators.

Until more recently the MRL elevators weren’t offering a significant economic advantage over the traditional elevator products for example bungalowelevators manufacturers in Ahmedabad did not want to venture put into the MRL territory due to the price tag that came with it. Now there are certain MRL elevators that priced much more competitively in comparison to the traditionally geared traction elevators. There are some elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad who have come with a cost-competitive product to compete with the low rise hydraulic elevator and they have been let’s say partially successful. Being the top MRL elevator manufactures in Ahmedabad, our product is both cost-effective with the superior technology with no cutting around the corners for cost-cutting.

MRL elevators are the technology of tomorrow and can change the way we think about vertical mobility. Yes, there are some critical building requirements that have to vary significantly to accommodate MRL elevators. However, let us say if we think of the prospect of installing them from the onset then, that can be tackled seamlessly, with the architects being in touch with MRL elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad, to assess the design changes that will have to be made in the floor plan in order to accommodate the machine. We have extensive experience in the elevator market and hence we have a word of advice for prospective clients. As the top MRL elevator manufacturers in the country, we urge our clients to actually secure long term maintenance pricing, when you’re trying to solicit new equipment bids. This method for procurement ensures that there is a competitively priced maintenance program, that will also allow for a beneficial life cycle cost in comparison to other traditional elevator products.

Hence if you’re looking to venture into acquiring an MRL elevator for your project. Contact us at Epic Elevators as the top MRL elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad, it does not get any better than us!

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