Self Storage Security Systems & Best Practices

When you store your things in a storage facility, the security is usually one of your top concerns. You don’t want to risk having your possessions stolen or damaged, and you know there will be other people walking in and out. Fortunately, good self storage facilities have a number of security protections in place. Through different security technology and best practices, they can help to protect the facility and the contents of the units. Both the facility and the customer can help to keep things safe. Here are some of the ways the self storage facilities keep their premises secure.


CCTV serves two purposes. It acts as a deterrent by showing people that they could be caught on camera if they do anything, and it records any incidents if anything does go wrong. CCTV can be monitored by someone in person or it can just be used to record the surroundings so that the video can be played back later. It’s usually used in the corridors of storage facilities, as well as to monitor main areas and outside the facility.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system is another way that self storage facilities will normally protect their premises. If anyone tries to break in, an alarm should sound to warn them off. The alarm will also let the person supervising the building know. Some of them will make an automated phone call to the police or to a designated phone number, other alarm systems can give people mobile alerts. An alarm system adds another layer of security to a self storage facility.


While the right technology is good, it also helps to have the reassurance of well-trained staff. Storage facilities like Henfield Storage at ensure they have staff to watch over their premises. When there are staff members on site, there’s someone to deal with problems straight away. Staff members can provide help, patrol the facilities and watch CCTV feeds for any problems. They can also help with other issues, such as what to do in the event of a fire.

Security Lighting

Lighting is also useful to help keep self storage facilities safe and secure. Lighting in storage facilities can be several types. Sometimes they’re motion sensitive, so they’re only one when necessary, which helps to save energy and keep costs down. Other lighting can be bright areas targeted in certain areas. Lighting helps to stop people lurking about in dark corners, but it also just helps the facility to feel safe and secure.

Customer Padlocks

Most self storage facilities ask you to provide your own padlock for your storage unit. This makes it easy to get access to your storage unit when you need it, and it means that the customer is ultimately in charge of the security of their individual unit. It’s also a good idea for self storage customers to have insurance for the contents of their units. This ensures they have protection in case anything does get stolen or damaged.

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