6 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to the Netherlands

6 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is popularly known for its winding canals and fields of blooming colors. Also, this tiny country holds a great amount of vibrant culture, tradition, and even unrivaled charm that attracts travel enthusiasts from the different parts of the globe. And don’t forget, as you visit this enchanting country, you can make use of Ryanair Flight Tracker to monitor your trip and be notified in real-time if there are any changes with regards to your flight. Aside from that, we’ve listed below significant things that you must keep in mind before heading to the Netherlands.

No need to worry too much about the language barrier

If you’re an English speaker, language is not a huge problem. Dutch have won the so-called bragging right in terms of speaking the best in English around Europe as their second language. If you’re lost, just explain yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for directions or even recommendations from the locals. In Amsterdam, the majority of the locals can speak in English and even jump the opportunity to practice and showcase their skills. Also, if you have time, learn a few phrases like thank you or Dankjewel and good morning or goedemorgen. It will help to break the ice with the locals.

Book ahead of time, at least six months before your departure date

Booking months before your expected departure would save you a headache especially if your travel dates fall during peak travel season namely from June to August. Even hotels around the city center usually get fully booked in advance especially during summer. Also, you may find yourself spending hours lining up if you don’t make prior bookings to the attractions that you’d like to visit. If you’d like to visit several museums, your best option is to purchase the I Amsterdam City Card which offers free entrance to several cultural sights. It also includes unlimited use of public transportation.

Please note that coffee shops are far different from cafes

Weed is legal when you’re in the Netherlands. Several tourists do flock to Amsterdam just to try this out. Head over to the cafes if you want to have an innocent cup of caffeine or a slice of cake.

Don’t forget to lock your bike twice

One of the best ways to explore and discover the vast offering of the city is through biking. If you’re hiring a bike for your entire stay, be sure to leave the rental shop with a study lock and don’t forget to double-check. Please be reminded that bikes come with a fixed lock that wraps around the wheel plus a separate lock that you can use to secure its frame to either a pole or bike rack whichever is available.

Visit the famous Red-Light District

During the day, you’ll notice that it’s less lively without the neon lights and buzzing atmosphere. As soon as the sun sets, the entire area and the street come to life. Please be advised that taking photos of the ladies is extremely prohibited.

Be mindful of the bike lanes

The designated bike lanes are painted in red and contained a symbol of a bike marking them. Be sure to pay attention when crossing the street. If you hear angry bells, quickly move off the lane,

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