Key Opinion Leaders Help Brands Increase Revenue In The Crowded Online Retail Market

Key Opinion Leaders Help Brands Increase Revenue In The Crowded Online Retail Market

The Internet changed the retail playing field. Selling goods and services online is a challenge. And a lot of companies have a hard time winning that challenge due to their inability to change old marketing techniques. The marketing techniques of the 20th-century do not stand a chance in the 21st -century. The marketing tools used in the 1990s are no match for the marketing intelligence that brands use today.

 Millennials Have Different Buying Habits Than The Retiring Baby Boomers

According to a recent consumer survey, more than 90% of consumers want to hear about products from another consumer. Seventy-two percent of consumers won’t buy a product or service unless there is word-of-mouth feedback from a prominent opinion leader.

Key opinion leaders (KOL) are the people consumers listen to for several reasons. Most opinion leaders have a lot of social media followers, and they are not afraid to give people the facts about products and services they use.

Opinion leaders have the audience, credibility, and platform to influence brands, consumers, and company executives. Businesses and individuals want to stay relevant in an online marketplace that can swallow a brand. Brands that become proactive and use a knowledgeable opinion leader quickly hear what consumers think about their business model.

 Opinion Leaders Can Help Brands Understand The Ever-Changing Nuances In A Given Sector Of The Economy

Online marketing has to be fresh and inviting. An online marketing plan that does not include a key opinion leader is a plan that starts with an Internet disadvantage. Opinion leaders can speak directly to consumers without the pressure that develops when companies try to influence buyers using stale marketing techniques. The old marketing plans that sell the sizzle instead of the meat have a hard time increasing their presence on the Internet.

Twenty-first-century consumers want the truth. And key opinion leaders supply truth about brands and the companies that produce and sell branded merchandise.

It’s not hard to identify a key opinion leader. Lori Greiner, a Shark Tank financial shark, has a huge Internet presence. And her presence on Shark Tank increases her credibility as an important opinion leader.

 Seth Godin, the actor, and comic has a lot of followers, so people check with him before they purchase something that Godin uses. Arianna Huffington, the editor of the Huffington Post, is another important opinion leader. Arianna can make or break a brand using her online newspaper as a megaphone.

 The Pandemic Increased The Need For Strategic Opinion Leaders

Recovering from the 2020 pandemic is a work in progress for most branded companies. One of the first marketing intelligence tools brands used to recoup some of the pandemic loss was employing the services of a key opinion leader. The interesting part of online marketing is opinion leaders find the brand before the brand finds them.

Opinion leaders are a vital ingredient in establishing a successful market intelligence platform, according to NetBaseQuid. NetBaseQuid is one of the leaders in market intelligence gathering for companies like United Airlines, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Microsoft, and other large branded companies. But the company also helps smaller brands reach their marketing potential.

NetbaseQuid has a marketing intelligence platform that identifies online market trends using an AI-based platform. The NetBaseQuid marketing platform incorporates several analytic tools. Those tools include vocal interaction and innovative visualizations. According to NetBaseQuid clients, the AI platform takes the guesswork out of building an online marketing strategy. NetbaseQuid likes to tell future clients finding a key opinion leader is one of the best marketing moves they can make in the world of online retailing.

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