Read This If You Are Planning to Move to Iowa

Read This If You Are Planning to Move to Iowa

Nowadays, lots of job opportunities are available in Iowa state. If you want to move to Iowa for your new job appointment then you must read this article.

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Basic information of Iowa

  • Iowa is the 29th state that was admitted on Dec. 28, 1846.
  • Iowa forms bridge between the grasslands of the western high prairie plains and the forests of the eastern and.
  • Iowa is the only state of the USA that has 2 parallel rivers that define its borders.
  • The surrounding states of Iowa are Minnesota on the northern side, Missouri to the south, Wisconsin and Illinois in the east, and South Dakota and Nebraska in the west.
  • The state name has been derived from the Native American people of Iowa who once inhabited this area.

The following  are the pros and cons of Iowa


  • Education

Also among the Top 20 states for public K-12 education, the graduation rate of the state is the best at 91.3%.

  • Most affordable state

As per the data, Iowa has taken 1st spot for housing and the 13th  for cost of living.

  • Arts scene

The state is considered the home for all types of artistic people.

  • High opportunity rating

Iowa has been scoring 1st position in affordability and 2nd in opportunity rankings.

  • Low crime

Iowa is among the Top 20 in public safety. Currently, it ranks 18th in the low-property crime rate and 17th in the violent-crime rate in the USA.

  • Foodie central

Iowans prefer to call themselves foodies.

  • Four seasons

It has 4 distinct seasons, right from winters to beautiful fall foliage.

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  • Unpredictable weather

The climate can frequently change and you can experience almost every kind of weather.

  • Cold winters

The winter temperature can drop to as low as -50°F. Fortunately, the typical low temperature during winter is 10°F.

  • Stuff to do

Most rural areas will not offer any other entertainment options besides going to any movie theater.

  • Politics and caucuses

Whether you are affiliated with any political party or not, the state will get flooded with many presidential candidates, national media outlets, and pundits during the Iowa Caucuses.

  • Lack of seafood

You will be surprised to know that you will not find any seafood in any restaurants. However, there is plenty of tasty fish available from rivers and lakes.

  • No professional sports

If you are a sports fan, then you will not find any major sports teams in this State. However, it does have 4 major college teams and a few minor league sports teams.

  • Weird laws

Last but not the least, if you are new to this state then you will be a bit surprised to find that you cannot kiss for more than 5 minutes. Also, horses are not allowed to eat fire hydrants.

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