Useful Contact Form Builders for your Website

Useful Contact Form Builders for your Website

It does not matter if you are looking for comment, payment, login or communication forms, you can find a wide range of HTML form generators that will help you build a necessary form in just a few clicks. Contact forms don’t have difficult codes, however if you have neither the time nor the desire to bother with code, you can browse our collection of best contact form builders.

So, you’ve created your website, developed a spectacular design, and added a ton of cool features, but what about customer feedback? It doesn’t matter if you have an e-shop or a simple weblog – the contact form is an easy way for your visitors to get in touch with you.

There are a lot of contact forms available on the web. Of course, you can buy a custom form. But why waste your time and money when there are so many contact form plugins that are cheap or totally free?

Before you start looking for the best option for your online project, think about the necessary features. If you need a simple contact form with few fields, you can download most of the free plugins by click here.

If you are looking for a more complex layout, with a wide range of field formats, then you have to consider the more advanced options. In summary, before downloading one, make sure it meets your needs and is compatible with your CMS version.

Today we would like to present you with brand new and easy contact form builders that will help you build a loyal customer base.

Many Contacts

This is a simple open contact form builder that grabs the user’s attention. With the color-changing options, form fields and their texts, this is a good solution for any online business.Ecommerce site owners will be able to sell more products, Bloggers will increase the number of emails on their lists, while freelancers and small businesses will get more leads.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it does not require much time and effort for installation (you have to create an account, configure the toolbar and insert the code on your site).


If you are looking for cheap but impressive contact form builders, reFormed is the solution for you. This HTML5 contact form generator allows you to develop an ideal product for your website. Only $ 13 for a perpetual license! With this license you will be able to add some interactive features to the form such as drop-down menus, radio buttons, and more.


ContactFormBuilder is another quick and easy way to create a contact form. It is completely customizable and allows you to modify any form to adapt it to your website. You don’t need HTML knowledge to use this tool – just copy the generated code, click the contact form short code button and insert it.

HTML Basix

It is the best solution for those who need a basic form on their website. Your visitors will be able to communicate with you without having to use your email client.

PHP Jabbers

This PHP Contact Form Generator allows you to create multiple forms and embed them on your site. The easy-to-use contact form will encourage people to contact you, send their comments or any other type of information. It is customizable and allows the form to be embedded anywhere on your web page. In addition, free installation assistance is offered.

Free Online Surveys

This builder is easy to use and does not require any code skills. Its intuitive interface allows you to create various types of forms, while options such as filters, various languages, IP blocking, instant data transfer, etc. allow you to customize the website in the desired way.

Free Contact Form

Free Contact Form was launched in 2005 and has grown in popularity as a secure and reliable source of free forms. Along with contact forms and comment forms, this generator also offers free booking forms and scripts. Once a person completes the online form, they will be notified automatically with an email (account that multiple email addresses are supported).

If you choose the Free Contact Form products, you will be protected from spam attacks with the help of Captcha or your own anti-spam questions.

PHP Form

PHP Form allows you to create a unique HTML form in three easy steps. Each form is completely customizable, which means that you can add up to 16 different fields (including text, name, address, email, date, phone and others).

123 Contact Form

123 Contact Form is a real-time form editor that allows you to create and customize various contact forms, order forms, online surveys, and registration forms in three easy steps. The form builder allows you to create the regular forms (which include name, email, address, and phone fields) and the more advanced ones that offer file uploads, images, Google maps, and HTML blocks.

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