What Will the Business Industry in Singapore Be Like After the Circuit Breaker Ends?

What Will the Business Industry in Singapore Be Like After the Circuit Breaker Ends?

The circuit breaker started on April 7 and will last until June 1. After the period ends, there has been a lot of speculation on how life will be for Singaporeans in the commercial industry.

Crowds are Going to Decrease

The first thing we can expect is people themselves are going to be more health-conscious. Even if the outdoors in the city-state is crowded most of the times, people will start maintaining a distance. This could mean shopping malls and other places having lesser customers.

Online Business will Continue Flourishing

The online business is going to flourish. Around the world, online business and delivery services have been one of the biggest ‘winners’ during the outbreak. It applies in Singapore as well, and more store-based businesses will start implementing home delivery and shipping services.

The Government is going to place more Safety Rules

With nothing guaranteeing that the outbreak will not happen again even after the lockdown, the Government is going to impose strict rules regarding safety in the workplace.

Well, the Ministry of Health and MOM have already released Safety Requirements for Singaporeans in the workplace. Also known as the Safe Management Measures, the program encourages companies to be more concerned about the safety of their employees.

Some guidelines include hiring a Safe Management Officer, Letting employees work from home and conduct virtual meetings when possible, minimizing physical touchpoints, etc. Any company with the failure to comply with the guidelines will have to answer to the MOM and the MOH. In some cases, it would be ceasing a company’s operations.

SafeEntry System is Going to Be a Significant Part of the Society

The SafeEntry Safety Measures was made by the Government Technology Agency. It is a digital check-in device where visitors to malls, businesses, offices, and other places with more crowd will have to enter their name, NRIC details and phone numbers. Their information will be used to record their entry and exit from the venue and also for contact tracing. The system is going to be mandatory in some sectors while optional on the others.

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