Different Types of Packaging Boxes from Corrugated Boards

Different Types of Packaging Boxes from Corrugated Boards

When you need to ship products, you will find that there are many options available when it comes to packaging. Cartons, boxes, padded or non-padded, bubble wrap, paper, or plastic, all come with their own specific features and advantages. When determining the best packaging, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages. Many types of packaging Boxes have features like locking mechanism, spill proof, anti-corrosion, UV coating, fire retardant etc. Various types of Packaging Boxes also come with different numbers of compartments, dividers or slots. Some packaging materials are used in more than one method.

Most standard carton boxes mostly come in two varieties – rigid and folding box boxes. Folding boxes are those that are made of a single, thin sheet of corrugated cardboard. It may be cardboard, fiberboard, or paperboard. Usually, a single piece is cut per frame and is folded into a cube or a tray by using die cutting machine, templates or by using other machines.

Rigid packaging boxes are also known as corrugated boxes or heavy cardboard boxes. These types of boxes are made of thick corrugated cardboard. These kinds of packaging boxes are very popular worldwide. In addition, it is one of the most common packaging materials for products that can go through shipping.

Both the types of packaging boxes have similar characteristics. For starters, both the packaging boxes have large number of compartments and shelves, both have protective coating on the outside of the box to prevent damage to products inside. Both the rigid corrugated boxes and folding cartons can be used for packing delicate products such as works of art. The corrugated sheet used for coroplast packaging is actually a paper-thin sheet of paper or cardboard. If you try to tear a corrugated sheet, you will find it extremely difficult to do so, as this type of material is very tough. However, both kinds of carton packaging can withstand high pressure and temperature.

Among the different types of packaging boxes, coroplast packaging boxes are used for most of the packaging applications today. Unlike other packaging boxes, this particular kind does not shrink when packed. Moreover, its quality never fades. The material remains intact and is used for shipping for many years. Unlike other corrugated boxes, rigid boxes do not crush easily. If you try to bend a rigid board, you will only encounter difficulties.

When it comes to corrugated boxes, there are several suppliers and manufacturers who offer different kinds of boxes and coroplast covers. You can even order your own corrugated boxes and other packaging materials from the Internet. Today, you do not have to go through the trouble of visiting a warehouse to purchase your goods. All you have to do is visit an online store and select from the wide range of corrugated boards, boxes and other commodities that are available.

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