Get to play real rummy on both android and ios

Get to play real rummy on both android and ios

As pleasant as it sounds, holidays can be a bit boring sometimes. Yes, we do plan on binge-watching our favorite shows or sleeping in, or maybe even doing some house chores or other work that we postponed during our busy week. But eventually, people run out of things to do during the weekends or holidays.

This is the perfect time to get some cards, get some friends and have a gathering, play a bit of rummy. But wait! Other people most certainly have other plans.

Let me tell you the best way to spend your free time, no matter if you’re on a holiday, or just the weekend, or even just a small break between work. Playing real rummy online is a great way to spend your time. Rummy is a game which was invented centuries ago, to be with other people and decks of cards. But with our hectic life, people hardly get time to do social gatherings and enjoy time with friends and family. But with online rummy, you can play from anywhere at any point in time.

Where can you play real rummy

  • On your Android

The android system of operation is the most commonly used Operating System. Almost all brands and kinds of smartphones use the Android OS to run their gadgets. Rummy, of course, has taken care of the users of Android OS, because you can download the rummy app in any android smartphone and have a hassle-free experience of the game.

  • On your IOS

The only other system of operation widely used by a single brand of mobile phones is the Apple IOS. Other than the android OS, the apple is the most used OS by people around the world. Many of the features and configurations of IOS are different from that of android. But Rummy Passion also has a version of the real rummy game for ios users. So, you don’t have to worry.

Whether you have an android or ios, you can always download the rummy app and start your journey on the rummy game with Rummy Passion.

Steps you need to follow before you start earning money on rummy:

  • Download the app

First, you have to download rummy app that you will find on the rummy website. It downloads in about a minute with a good internet connection.

  • Register yourself with phone number

After your app is downloaded and installed, open the app and register yourself in the rummy app with your phone number. This will increase your account security.

  • Complete and submit your KYC

Once you are in, complete your KYC and submit for verification so that the rummy app knows your authenticity and you can play games to win real cash. This step is important if you want to play paid matches.


Have the rummy experience to the fullest from your android or ios. Play real rummy online and have a hassle-free experience of the game and win exciting cash prizes daily.

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