What to Know About Security Systems?

What to Know About Security Systems?

Also remember that it is cool to brag or show in social media how secure and safe your property will be after you have the necessary security features installed. You can even post on facebook and use a party emoji to show your followers and friends how festive and joyous you are about it. But, remember not to show them where the security devices are strategically placed.

According to the FBI, there are over 2 million burglaries every year, which is quite concerning considering this equates to one burglary every 13 seconds. If you are concerned about the safety of your office building or home, then you might be considering buying a home security system. Here are a few things to consider before investing.

Wireless vs. hardwired

There are two main types of security systems, wireless and hardwired. Wireless systems only have one wire running and that is the electrical cord on the control interface. These are very simple to install. Hardwired systems require you to drill into the walls to run a cable that hooks up to a circuit breaker box. This often requires installation unless this is something you can do on your own.

Sensors vs. full security systems

Burglar alarms have sensors that are placed on doors and windows that will alert you or law enforcement if someone has entered your home. Full security systems can not only provide an alert of an intruder but might also have features that alert you to fire, high levels of carbon monoxide or flooding.

Live vs. recorded footage

There are two very large differences between the two types of the footage used in surveillance cameras. Live video is a live feed of exactly what is always happening within your home. This is usually broadcasted to your phone, computer, or another device. This can be viewed live at any time, versus a recorded video version that is only available to view after. Recorded footage can be fine for those who are looking for proof to give insurance companies. If you are seriously concerned to view your home or office on a live feed, then you should stay away from recorded video.


There are many different sizes of security systems for different sizes of homes and offices. If you have a small one-bedroom apartment then a one camera system might be fine, but if you have a larger home with multiple rooms, doors or balconies then you may need something much larger than can handle more information.

Personal security

For seniors or people with limited mobility, there are security systems that can monitor personal activity. This might include a panic button on a bracelet or pendant. These personal security systems can alert emergency personnel in case of an emergency slip and fall incident.

Understand your contract

As with purchasing anything for your home, you should be aware of what you are signing for and what you need. One example is if you are looking for security of your garage as well as your home then this needs to be included in the contract. Ask about all up-front charges including installation and monitoring fees before signing anything.

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