Guide for a personal injury lawyer in Salem

Guide for a personal injury lawyer in Salem

You were injured in an unfortunate car accident in Salem that wasn’t your fault. The other driver was negligent, and you are now in financial distress because of their action. Oregon is a fault state. The other driver must pay compensation for your losses (through their insurance). However, car accidents are often complicated, and you may not find it easy to get a fair settlement. That’s where legal counsel can help. In this guide we are sharing more about hiring a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer. 

Expertise counts

The scope of personal injury law is not limited to car accidents. Slip & fall accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, product defect-related cases, and dog bites – These are all covered under personal injury law. If you are hiring a lawyer, you need to know what kind of expertise they have with car accident lawsuits. Ask them a few questions like – 

  1. As an injury lawyer, how often do you deal with car accident claims?
  2. Have you represented clients in trial?
  3. Based on your experience, what do you think of my case?
  4. What can I realistically expect in settlement?
  5. What is your experience with the same insurance company for similar cases?

Costs are important

The good news is most injury lawyers in Oregon work on a contingency fee. The lawyer only asks for a fee, if they win a financial settlement for you. Criminal law attorneys and divorce lawyers, on the other hand, ask for an hourly rate. A good personal injury lawyer can charge anywhere between 25% and 40% of the final settlement as their fee. Keep in mind that there can be other costs related to case, especially investigation and litigation expenses, so ask your attorney about that. If the personal injury lawsuit has potential, your lawyer may advance the costs for you. 

Ask about availability

Multiple personal injury lawyers may work for the same law firm. When you meet an attorney to discuss your car accident lawsuit, ask them if they are going to work on the case directly. If not, you must meet the new attorney. Also, it is wise to ask about the possible outcomes of the case, along with the expected timeline. Ask the lawyer about the damages and losses that you can recover, so that you are realistic about every aspect. 

It is always wise to contact a personal injury lawyer soon after a car accident, so that you don’t end up with expensive mistakes.  

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