How To Build Rapport with Online Clients?

How To Build Rapport with Online Clients?

Due to us now being in the heart of the digital age, many businesses are setting up to be completely online without any customer interaction except through the internet, e-mails or via the phone. This might be difficult for some employees to be able to build a relationship with their clients, but there are some basic tips and tricks that can be introduced to try and build a rapport online.

When meeting clients in person, is it certainly easily to read body language and be able to adapt to your customers wishes and therefore change how you approach different clients depending on their body language and demeanour. In the virtual world, it is then impossible to read body language due to most of the time not being able to see your client, unless it’s over a video call which is quite rare for initial rapport building. If the contact is done via e-mail and/or phone, ensuring that you are polite and at least sound as if you genuinely care how they are is usually a good start.

Once the rapport builds over time and it then potentially moves over to video calls on Zoom or Skype, then this is really when you can start to ramp up the rapport levels. When it comes to video calls, ensuring that initially when the calls starts that the period of time when you aren’t talking business is friendly and off-topic as this period can certainly be targeted as the time to build the appropriate level of rapport between you and your clients.

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And finally, building rapport or become more personal able to your clients is another method of attack when it comes to building a relationship online. According to LinkedIn, 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions so ensuring you are building a circle online that your clients can relate to is important if you want to take building rapport seriously.

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