What Are The Different Dental Exams?

What Are The Different Dental Exams?

Dental care is as critical as taking care of other parts of your body because any complication in the dental area can gradually impact a person’s overall medical condition. If left untreated, it can complicate and result in life-threatening situations where the person might have to undergo surgeries to get it fixed and come back to their regular pain-free life. 

At the initial visit to a dentist, a medical expert will perform a comprehensive dental exam. Several screenings and x-rays will be performed on you to ensure that you are in good oral health. 

If you are suffering from dental pain, it is crucial to visit for a dental exam in Bismarck where a dentist and a dental hygienist will examine specific dental tests and accordingly provide an effective treatment. 

Types of dental exams:

  • Examination for tooth decay

Although the dentist will ensure that there is no presence of a cavity in your teeth in a regular dental check-up, during a tooth decay exam, he will use special dental equipment and check through the teeth’ surface. Even minute formation of decay will be detected in the exam.

  • Evaluation of gum disease

Since there are high chances of developing the periodontal disease due to gum infections, the dentist will examine the gum area in your mouth and the bones so that there is no formation of an unusual infection. If there are any, he will suggest preventive measures.

  • Examination of current restorations:

Although you might have already got dental crowns and fillings, the dentist will examine all the existing restorations that you have currently to ensure that they are in the proper position. Additionally, the doctor will also check if it is not broken and damaged in any way. 

  • Oral screening for cancer

Usually, dentists also check for the presence of cancerous cells in your gum tissues, throat, lips, face, and even on the neck in a dental exam to ensure that there are no signs of oral cancer.

  • Diagnostic x-ray exams

X-rays play a vital role in determining the root positioning of a tooth in a person’s teeth structure. It also helps in detecting the presence of cysts, tumors, and decay in the dental area. 

If you experience discomfort or pain, visit an experienced dentist offering dental exams. Even if you are in good dental health, you can opt for a dental exam to ensure there are no internal complications.

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