When you are using the wrong online broker

When you are using the wrong online broker

It doesn’t matter how qualified you are with trading, the one thing that you need is a broker. These days most people prefer working with an online broker. But, how do you know that you are using the wrong broker? This is a couple of signs that you might be using the wrong broker, and you might want to look for a new one. 

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He isn’t always available

Your online broker isn’t always available. Even if you are calling him during office hours. Or, emailing him without getting a response for days.

A broker needs to be answering his clients as soon as he gets the message. This can cost you a lot of money when you are trying to sell shares, stock or bitcoin and he isn’t answering your calls. You might lose out on a big deal because of it. 

You aren’t comfortable talking to him

We all have that feeling that you can’t trust someone. He is making you feel uncomfortable and you are always dreading the phone call you need to make. 

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to him, then you need to trust your gut. Start looking for an online broker that you can trust and that you will feel comfortable talking to. Sometimes we sense something that we don’t physically see, and we don’t trust that feeling. Most of the time, those feelings are right. 

You see that your investments aren’t growing much

You are years with the same online broker and have the same investment for years. But every year with the statements you don’t see that your investment is growing. This might be because your broker scams you out of your profit that you make on your investments. 

The moment that you see that your investments isn’t growing, then you need to see the red flag and consider changing online brokers. He needs to see that you investment isn’t growing and needs to find another investment for you. This is actually his work.

When it  comes to online brokers, you need to know when you are dealing with someone that might not be legitimate or that might be a fake. And, you need to know when it’s time to change to another online broker. These are some information that you need to consider to ensure that you aren’t making the mistake that many other are making. Using a broker that you can’t trust at all. 

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