Important factors for choosing a car accident lawyer

Important factors for choosing a car accident lawyer

It is okay to feel overwhelmed and shocked after a car accident. You may want to focus on your recovery, but it is also time to take important decisions. Right at the accident scene, you must pull over and call 911. If you are physically okay, consider taking contact details of other drivers and witnesses. Also, gather as much video and photographic evidence as you can. Among other things, you may want to check for a car accident lawyer near me. Hiring an attorney is critical for your car accident lawsuit, and in this post, we are sharing more on factors for choosing one.

  • Experience counts

The scope of personal injury law is huge. The facts and circumstances related to typical medical malpractice cases can be very different than that of a car accident. Find an attorney, who specializes in handling traffic and auto accident cases. If the lawyer deals with all kinds of personal injury cases, ask them about the percentage of their practice dedicated to car accident claims. If the lawyer has worked on cases with comparable circumstances, it is always an added gain. 

  • Get a ballpark estimate

Usually, car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. If the lawyer doesn’t win, they don’t get paid – simple. However, there are many other costs related to the case, including litigation and investigation expenses. You may want to ask the lawyer about a ballpark estimate of these expenses. Many law firms often advance these costs on behalf of clients, which are later adjusted with the settlement. As for the contingency fee, attorneys usually take 25-40% of the final settlement for car accident cases. When you are already in financial distress, you may want to reduce your worries. 

  • Check reviews

If you are keen on hiring the best car accident lawyer in your city, you have to check for reviews and testimonials. A law firm that has good reviews wouldn’t want to mess up with their reputation, and you can always meet an attorney in person to know them better. Also, you can ask the law firm to offer a few references.  

Meeting an attorney

You can ask the attorney for a free initial consultation. If the lawyer charges a nominal fee for evaluating your car accident claim, the amount is still worth paying. Make sure to ask relevant questions, including the worth of your claim and what to expect from the process.  

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